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type de billet:sièges libres asbl
Place:Centre Culturel Prince Henri, Walferdange (L)
Portes à17:00
Début à18:00
Prix:Prix normal: 26.87 €
Prix réduit: 16.00 €
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„God of Carnage" is a psychological comedy that has been staged hundreds of times worldwide. It is also known from Roman Pola?ski's film adaptation "Carnage”. Following a fight between two boys, their parents meet to discuss the situation in a "civilised" way. A seemingly courteous meeting gradually turns into an outward conflict. With each moment spent in the same room, the titular "God of Carnage" shows in the behavior of the protagonists, revealing more and more of what hides behind the facade of bourgeois upbringing.

In Polish, with English subtitles. Duration 1:40. Bar

Price for students 16,12€


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